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AIoT (artificial intelligence Internet of things) = AI (artificial intelligence) + IoT (Internet of things). After the "integration" of AI and IoT, "artificial intelligence" is gradually evolving into "applied intelligence". The introduction of AI gives IoT a connected brain. Meanwhile, the Cloud service let data have the material foundation to exert its value.

the era of intelligence, consumers' demand for products is no longer simply to realize functions, but has an urgent need in the intelligent application and the upgrading of human-machine interaction solutions.

DWIN Technology gives close attention to the market demand and innovates continuously. Based on the T5L ASIC independently developed and designed by DWIN Technology for AIoT application, and combining with the company's industry experience in intelligent smart LCM as well as industrial chain integration ability, DWIN Technology has continuously launched solutions such as intelligent color thermostats, WiFi-10, Cloud platform and VDM-10 offline voice recognition module and so on, so as to help customers to launch products as soon as possible with our innovative technologies.