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DGUS is DWIN graphics application service software, is DWIN's innovative intelligent GUI software.
DGUS integrated smart screen called DGUS screen, mainly for customers to quickly develop high-reliability full-graphics, touch-screen man-machine interface design, with the development of simple, flexible, UI experience, operating system without operating speed, very strong The reliability and stability characteristics.


DGUS II is based on the second generation of T5 CPU DGUS system, the main features include:

T5 dual-core CPU architecture, DGUS and DWIN OS run in parallel on their own independent CPU.

The data processing speed is about 30 times higher than that of the first generation DGUS based on the T2 processor, and the UI is extremely smooth.

up to 1280 * 800 resolution, variable refresh cycle 40mS.

8 UARTs, can expand the very complete communication interface: 232, 485, LAN, CAN, USB, WIFI, 3G.

perfect high-quality music player, remote network management (fonts, pictures, music) ability.

high reliability database and powerful data management interface.

can be directly connected to Di Wen DCS equipment

DWIN's patented hardware encryption algorithm and dedicated CPU design for better customer intellectual property security.


Smart LCM is DWIN's core business, its core competencies include

15 years focused on research and development, tens of thousands of customers in all walks of life applications, nearly 10 million units a year of quality, price, service test and protection

DWIN Science and Technology Park covers an area of 300 mu with a building area of nearly 400,000 square meters. It realizes the research and design of IC design and IC packaging and testing, the independent research and development of core components and parts, and the complete plant Chain integration.

not with the smooth ups and downs of the LCD screen market, stable supply and delivery protection.

Product Code Rules

(DMT10768T080_A2W as an example)

DM DWIN smart screen product line
T Color: T = 65K color (16bit) G = 16.7M color (24bit)
10 Horizontal resolution: 32 = 320 48 = 480 64 = 640 80 = 800 10 = 1024 12 = 1280 13 = 1364 14 = 1440 19 = 1920.
768 Longitudinal resolution:240=240 480=480 600=600 720=720 768=768 800=800 108=1080 128=1280 。
T Application Classification: L = Consumer C = Commercial T = Industrial K = Medical Q = Automotive S = Military.
080 Display Size: 080 = Display diagonal size is 8.0 inches, and so on
A Category, 0-Z, where A is reserved for Dwin screens based on the DGUS II kernel.
2 Hardware serial number: 0-9 to distinguish between different hardware versions.
T N = no touch screen T = with touch screen
Additional 1 None = Standard Z ** = ODM Product, where ** is 01-99
Additional 2 None = Standard F * = Extended Flash (F1 = 1GB F2 = 2GB)。